Custom Work

It’s never been done before

You know what you have been wishing for in how your rooms work, but you don’t know what is technically doable. We know how many inches thick a wall, a ceiling, or a floor has to be, but we don’t know your priorities. Together, we have all the information we need to make a dream a reality, in a way that literally has never been done before. A fireplace mantel in a bold grained wood becomes the focal point of the living room. A window in a shape that isn’t in any catalog can make a dead-end hallway into an office or sewing room. Built-in shelves or cupboards make storage space appear where there was none, and can be tailored exactly to the storage needs of your hobby, your favorite sports, and the ages of your children.

What do we bring that another custom contractor would not? Imagination. Plain talk rather than carpentry jargon. Experience. And before and after photos from happy customers whose projects were a lot (but never exactly!) like yours.

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