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DeSantis & Son, LLC has been doing Home Repairs and Remodeling for 20 years. Dom DeSantis, the Manager/Owner has a degree in Chemistry with 20 years’ experience in Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical and other Home Maintenance and Repairs experience.

Given the World Food Issues as well as Costs, we began looking into gardening for our Family and Friends’ needs. In our search, we found Hydroponics. Hydroponics is a non-soil method of growing vegetables and other plants using various methodologies to deliver nutrients required by the specific plant. We have experimented with many different methods.

Everything begins with seeds and seedlings. At the proper stage, seedlings are transferred to a feeding system. In season, seedlings can be planted in outside gardens, but hydroponics is purely organic. No pesticides and minimal insect involvement plus no rabbits, chipmunks, or other vermin to destroy your crop. No weeds either!

Plants can be grown in many different systems: Rain downspouts and Gutters; Buckets, Bags, Pots, even jars, water bottles… any container suitable for the growth of the plant.

Above pictures show the various containers used for Tomatoes, Lettuce, Kale, Squash and Rosemary. There is a proper nutrient feed for each plant. Many have the same requirements and that makes it easy!

We offer training, design, installation and maintenance of a home system. They can be a Kitchen Countertop Unit; a Basement or Closet and we have done trailers!

Backyard sheds make great locations!

Visit our Facebook page which has more videos and pics. We also attend shows and flea markets to introduce our products and services. Look for Hydroponic Farms by DeSantis & Son, LLC online for dates, times, and places we will be vending our products and/or showing off our Hydroponic Demo/Training Trailer.
Also, we are happy to show you our trailer through appointment only. Contact us today to schedule a time.

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