Refinishing and Restoration

Everything old is new again


n many homes, even those built as recently as the 1980s, the design features that make the home unique are architectural details that would be practically unaffordable today: a stained glass fanlight, a curving stair, a cherry molding, a tall arched doorway, a working fireplace, a wide-planked oak floor. And yet you may not be enjoying these details in your home because they are worn, damaged, or hidden by paint or stopgap repairs. We can bring your home’s most precious features back to stunning new life, by carefully and safely refinishing them. Or we can replace them with efficient and environmental new pieces (for instance, we are a Pella┬« window Installer and Sales Agent) while perfectly matching your home’s original appearance in selection of materials, colors and wood grain.

Some of the most cost-effective projects combine old and new. If the layout of a kitchen isn’t changing, new cabinet doors and drawer-fronts can transform the kitchen at lower cost than replacing the counters and cabinets completely. If dark stained hardwood floors are making rooms seem smaller than they are, sanding down to fresh wood followed by durable low-gloss modern finish can brighten the room and show off the furniture.

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