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A large project is an important investment. You have devoted many hours to planning and visualizing it, even before you call in experts and begin to get details on paper. HHS is your long-term partner in the project. Often a large project is a luxury purchase – you don’t NEED to have it done, you WANT to have it done – and as such it should be done to the highest standards of quality, both in appearance and in function and durability.

We can provide one-stop shopping as your project comes together. If you want or need to involve an architect or design consultant, we can provide one. Where specialized trades are part of the project, we can recommend a painter, electrician, plumber, roofer, water-proofing contractor, asbestos removal specialist, mason, hardwood floor specialist, woodwork restoration specialist and many other services whom we have worked with and maintain a relationship with. Because of our long working relationships with these specialists, you may find it easier to engage them in your project through HHS than it would be to get on their busy schedules by contracting with them directly.

Your project will comply with state and local building codes and we work cordially with the inspection departments of all the municipalities where we have successfully done so many projects over the years.

Since our estimates are free, we encourage you to use us as a standard of comparison for other contractors to meet, or as an affordable alternative if a proposal from another company is priced so high you know it can’t be the best value.

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